Its December in Seattle. the night is cold and unforgiving as you make your way across the dimly lit street. From the shadows you can sense eyes, both real and artificial, track you looking for weakness.
Looking for hesitation.
Looking for an opportunity.
Or just an easy kill.
Its been a while since you have been back on these streets, but you know how to handle yourself. And you are sure that those watching you from the darkness can see the confidence in your swagger.
You’re not someone to mess with.
You Run the shadows.

But for now you need to find work. The events from six months ago forced you and some of your crew to burn your old SINs and go underground for a while.

Now you’re back. And if that nagging growl from your stomach, or the last 4 emails from your landlord is any indicator, you need money. And soon.

Enter the Shadows

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