Enter the Shadows

Crossing the Delaware

A Job Well Done

I am amazing. I have always known this but it’s good to have a day that reaffirms this belief. Not getting work for 6 months was a fluke that I still blame Kimbell for. I always get the job done. My group has found the Mayan Cutter.

As predicted the Mayan Cutter was hunting down anyone involved with the first two cases. We arrived at the Johnson’s house to find the door broken open. A plan was set quick and then we were off. Thomas through the front door, Bull and London through the back and I would cover Inca as she gathered information. None of the home invaders stood a chance. Powerbolts, bullets and a Bull into a car later they ended up tied up in the trunk of Squire Winston my Jackrabbit. London is a better shot than most give her credit for that man will never walk without replacing his knees. The silly hacker (I call him such since his craft was not refined enough to be a real decker) thought he could get into Inca’s mind. That only served to piss us off. You don’t touch our decker. Seeing as people in this sweet little part of suburban Seattle were starting to file into the streets we left. The knights shouldn’t chase us down since all the tapes show that none of us harmed any citizens of this middle class place. Hmmm…..perhaps we should drop these cretins off at a Knight Errant office. It never hurts to do good by law enforcement. Sometimes they know to look the other way.

We followed the information trail to a spot on the docks. About a quarter mile off he shore was a tiny spot of rock with a building on it. That’s were this gang of meta human haters set up shop. I don’t understand hate groups. I understand hate just fine. I hate lots of people. I don’t understand having no reason to hate someone. Perhaps it is a social need of theirs to belong and the hate group is the only place they accepting. There is some irony there. Either way we dispatched the single guard on the docks. He wasn’t a problem. Poor thing. We all climbed into the little boats and headed out over the water. Inca and I were the plan to get us undetected to the island. As soon as we got close enough that Inca could touch the camera’s she put the external ones on a loop. Then she started giggling and taking about a video edit. My job was to remove the guards at the front door. I set up at the front of the boat and started to channel energy. Thomas make some joke about how I looked like Washington crossing the Delaware. We’d mocked that picture at Nikea this morning. I stifled a laugh so I wouldn’t bring my concentration. I never have looked at myself while I challenge with my foci I think I look good though. The looks people get of fear or awe is addicting. The guards were small blurs in the distance but I could tell them apart from the background. I saw them hit the ground and announced them dealt with.

Inca found a safe spot to set up outside of the building still muttering about the edit. She couldn’t be certain where everyone was so I did a check for living things. It only do this in low tech areas where Inca can be the eyes of the all seeing. Thomas headed onto the roof to surprise a few we found in the center. Inca could make noise to cover his work on the roof. Bull wasn’t going to be easy to hide. Then I remembered a spell I’d picked up for just the occasion. Which reminds me I should smack London for her requests. I am not a god. I do have to spend time learning spells to do the crazy things I do. I swear FLYING, who flies around Seattle! So with Bull covered in invisibility I opened the door while Inca set off lots of speaker feedback. I almost felt sorry for them. Almost that is. Bull ran do the hall and smashed into the two there. I attempted to stun the mage…he counter-spelled me….that was a mistaken. Between London and Bull he landed at my feet and I just shook my head. I didn’t see what happened in the other room but by the time I got there three were down. Only a spirit and a troll were still standing. That didn’t last long. The combat spirit never had a chance against Thomas and when her job failed she left quiet. Now we just have to sort out who is who and get paid!


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