Enter the Shadows

I Blame Kimbell

Late Night Food Fight

Six long months of no work….I have had six long months of waiting for work. I live for my work. It’s all I’ve ever known and six months ago a bomb happy bitch blows it all up.

I have a three easy rules to ensure working with me is smooth and happy for everyone involved. First, tell me what the job is. I’m not a monster but my morals are for sale if the Johnson can afford them. You want me to steal a kid and give him back to his cult? Sure, extra 5,000 nuyen. Second, pay me. It’s a simple rule. Pay me. I’m a reasonable person. If you’ve hit a cash flow problem I’ll work with you. There are payment plans, services for services or goods instead of cash. If I finished the job then you have to keep your end of the bargain. Third, and perhaps the most important rule of working with me, don’t take a shot at me. If you feel the need to stiff me on the bill the least you can do is not try to kill me at the same time. I will kill you back first. Kimbell broke all three of these rules and then the shadows heard the wrong story. Yes, killing a Johnson isn’t good for business but it’s a Johnson’s responsibility to not give you a good reason to kill them. Such as trying to kill you.

Fast forward six months to current day. I’m at the point of having a serious conversation with Thomas about moving to another city to start over. I’m stuck standing at the counter in Tea and Coffee pouring orange powder labeled as ‘pumpkin’ into a Troll’s large coffee. Then my com goes off. It’s a guy named Rushmore. I’ve heard of him before but never worked for him, Inca speaks well of him. So I listen. He says he’s got a job and to gather the team. So I do and even make sure that Inca has a ride…..there is no job. Just the promise of possible work like I’m some charity case. I almost burnt that dwarf where he sat. The napkins suffered in his place. WHY THE HELL AM I IN THIS LITTLE PISS POOR DINER? No one gets to yank me around like that, if Rushmore does it again there will be repercussions. To top it all off he tosses me 100 nuyen like some street corner joytoy. If he tries that again I will kill him. Damn the consequences.

On the way home from this misadventures in proper working conditions Bull got hungry. Not surprising and I suppose I could have used something to eat as well. We stopped at one of those 24 hour snack shops, I know it by location not name. They sell that chocolate covered rice cereal I love. So I agreed to stop with everyone. There were other people in the store. I did not take notice of them more than to be sure they weren’t a threat. Then a group of jackholes decide to do what? Blow us up! London said it was by proxy later but it didn’t matter at the time. I was already a coiled ball of seething angry that needed an outlet. I may have murdered a few gangbangers. Turns out it was an act of kindness as I helped save a mother and child. Grant a moronic mother as she tried to extort the father without a contingency.

All I know is Rushmore better come through.


cwstatic Demonicrose

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