Enter the Shadows

NiKea and the Long Day at Work

I've never been good at investigating

Since Thomas and I moved into the top floor of our high class haven we have not spent any money fixing the place up. The work hasn’t come like usual and we were trying to be practical. Now that Rushmore has promised us work Thomas has insisted we buy furniture for our home. He isn’t wrong. We should have done that months ago. Thomas has more guns stashed around than any wage slaves will see in their entire life. I have enough clothing that the ‘master bed room’ was the only place big enough to store it all. Besides that there is only a tacked up hammock in the living area and a glass case for his suit. There is a lot of empty space. Thinking about it I don’t know where Thomas sleeps in our home but I believe that’s from lack of paying attention. If I ask him I can’t think of a reason why he wouldn’t tell me. After all the only person I trust well enough to let them see me brush my teeth is Thomas and that trust goes both ways.

We took a trip to Nikea upon Thomas’s urging. Ordering out the catalog wasn’t good enough for us. My tastes have always been picky and expensive. While I picked out fabric for the big couch in the living room Thomas rolled his eyes. I know he was thinking “How am I going to pay for all this”. I’m reasonable though we can do it one room at a time. First room is the living room. I picked black and sliver for the main tone for the room. It will be wonderful once finished. Next is the kitchen and I have my eye on marble but I’ll need to a few good jobs first. In the end, the trip only had one casualty in the form of a stuffed monkey. That’s good for us.

London called with a mission, REAL WORK. I am so excited. Thomas and I headed straight to the restaurant. I’d heard of the place before. They cater to trolls and orks so I’d never had a reason to step foot in their before. The owner was our client. He was a sad drunk ork. That didn’t bother me so I sat at the bar with Thomas. We listened in through London as he explained the mission. He spoke of the Mayan Cutter. I remember the Cutter. His copycat had the streets in my neighborhood empty during his spree. The ork wants the copycat cutter. Sounds like the Cutter killed someone important to him and he wants to kill him…perhaps again but the way he’s talking. So the job is find a man, bring him to this ork and let him kill him and it’s 10,000 nuyen. Well this Mayan Cutter has killed and will kill again. I feel no need for a moral tax.

After we got all the information we agreed to split into two groups. London assigned me the crime scene. I’m not an investigator but the other option was to talk to an old man cop….no thank you. Once we got to the screen a beat cop let us past the yellow tape. Our client must be well connected or just have deep pockets. I scanned for magic on the scene because of London’s theory of it being an evil spirit that body jumped. It wasn’t a bad idea. There was no magical trail to follow though. This was a mundane serial killing. Thomas and Inca came up with nothing as well. There was no DNA we could find or digital trail. I suppose Inca did narrow down the timeline a little bit better because of one door magnet. If the Cutter had to use the door he can’t be an evil spirit.

The other’s had only a little more success than us. They convinced the cop to send them the forensics report once finished. Good luck struck, the Mayan Cutter had killed in Undertown. Only an hour ago. We all headed there as fast as possible. There were many dirty looks as he headed to the ‘house’ of the victim. No one dared approach though. Bull, Himiko, Thomas and myself are some of the scarier muscle in Seattle. Especially when we all decided to work together instead of compete.

No one stopped us from getting inside. We found a DNA signature….at least now we can accuse random people, beat them down and test our sample against them….. I was just starting to loose my temper at our lack of success when a street gang entered. They were trying to remove us from the scene and I was itching for a fight. London talked everyone down by name dropping our client. While she did this I realized something about our victims. They were all connected to the previous case. Inca got us a list of everyone else connected and FINALLY we had a lead. Now just to get out of Undertown.


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