Enter the Shadows

Notalgia Express

I remember now. Not that I ever truly forgot what it was like to run the shadows, but it had been a while. It felt good.

Like .many of our runs in past our group had gathered a bunch of disparate clues that didn’t fit together until at last we found a common thread. Like most other clues it came in the form of a body. This guy was murdered because of his involvement with the previous Mayan Cutter case, or so we thought. There were only two bodies so far, but their death’s were within four hours of each other so Serenity and I thought that there might be something to that. This combined with the fact that both of them helped put the last cutter behind bars, and Bingo we did it again!

Blinded by our success I was overcome by a moment of nostalgia. Meanwhile Inca was doing her thing and she noticed that our Johnson’s wife was also on the list, running on this hung she checked on the wife’s address and wouldn’t you know it, she lived nearby. On a hunch we loaded into our vehicles and went to go check on her. We found the front door askew and quickly got into position before kicking it in. We were finished in a flash but they had already grabbed the wife and absconded with her when we had arrived. Inca found their position and we moved on, tracking them to an empty dock just outside a lonely island.

With just one inept guard on either side of the river we infiltrated their base without a hitch and started to set up on the outside of their building. Inca hooked into the building’s security and Serenity confirmed the locations of the guards within. I moved to the top of building while the others piled in from the front, the idea was to sow chaos in the main room and wipe out their backup before finishing off the rest of them. Unfortunately the guards were all pushovers and we cleaned up real quick.

The wife was alright at the end of the day and that is what I was really worried about. Serenity and I brought her back to our place to take care of her for a bit and we will return her in the morning after coffee.


cwstatic Jason_R

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