Enter the Shadows

People Make No Sense

Moral Issues I've Not Been Paid Enough To Deal With

We figured out that something possessed the Mayan Cutter but not by the usual means. Seeing as we aren’t wanton murderers I told London she was right. When we dropped him off she told our Mr. Johnson as much. They just told us we were wrong and offered no explanation to the problem. I hate people who do that. I understand not wanting to share the information. When you have a crew of dangerous people standing in your creepy warehouse unsure if they are going to let you murder someone. A someone who had no control. It might be time to offer up a little. We talked London down and left. Based on what I saw as we were leaving I think our Mr. Johnson was about to sacrifice himself. It would have been helpful if he’d just said that. I wouldn’t have had to give London the “Our Morals Are For Sale” speech again.

We had a little bit of quiet time. I worked on a new spell with Thomas. He’s durable and so are the walls. Nothing got broken and I think I have a handle on it. The new furniture got here. I love it. When sitting in the main living room it almost feels like a home until you walk into one of the many empty rooms next to it. I might move my hammock to not clash. Thomas and I spent our Friday evening watching some silly trideo. It was a documentary about ancient state parks. I remember there was a purple forest that interested me. It was nature not science but I couldn’t tell you anymore. I just enjoyed warm atmosphere. We need another job so that the other rooms can feel this good as well. I’m considering buying an actual bed. I can’t remember the last time I slept on a mattress but if anything it would look good in my bedroom. I suppose I could still hang the hammock and have the bed for decoration.

Bull ran into the elf woman from the other day. The idiot one who tried to squeeze her baby daddy for money. He brought her to the shop. Then he put on an apron…that was confusing. I checked with Thomas later he didn’t hire Bull either. We learned he told his mother he had a job and just started working at Tea & Coffee. Anyways the elf asked for some protection. Said she’d left the baby with her sister and was trying to lay low for a couple weeks. Daddy was after her. For some reason I couldnt’ fathom no one wanted to help her AND she was willing to pay. All she wanted was a place to stay for a week or two and someone to make sure she was alive. We didn’t have to watch her like a hawk just bring her a meal once a day. While the others squabbled I agreed to the job. It’s small pay but maybe I’ll use the money to buy the bed. Thomas said he’d help as well so all’s well that ends well. We left her at a shelter. I know the lady that runs the place, gangers don’t come near. Afraid the ‘matron’ will skin them alive. After all she did that for a living until a few years ago.

It was after we took care of all this that my least favorite person called. Rushmore. Like every other time Rushmore calls we get almost no information and connected to a man in a fire fight. He wants us to go get is daughter and take her to the safe house. His personal securtiy is taking care of him. Never said how much he’d pay or where to take her, I warned Rushmore that this was on his head. Don’t stiff us on the bill we don’t owe these people anything and there are bullets invovled. Rushmore gave us a fee and more if there was hazard pay needed. There was hazard pay needed….there always is…

We showed up at the house and the guards at the front gate of the community were already dead. Poor fools. Seeing as the enemy had proven they had ill intend the gloves came off. I set my magic to kill. No need to stun since they weren’t shooting blanks either. Thomas knocked on the door and we got a little old spanish lady answering. She didn’t know where the daughter way. Not surprsing given the barrel of gun pressed to her side. We removed the invaders from the house with no causalities. London and Inca figured out that the daughter was at the mall and took off early. Bull, Thomas, Himiko and I dealt with the guys. I launched Thomas upstairs with my new levitation spell he went through the window quite lovely. I think I have a handle on it but my landings need work. I’m sure even if I crushed his leg Thomas wouldn’t say anything about it. He and Himiko cleared the top floor. Bull was taking care of the bottom floor when he got shot. A lot. Bull took quite a few bullets and I saw him stumble……Bull took too many bullets and the man was loading again. I felt the familiar snap in my brain when I remove the safety. I am like a gun. Don’t point me at someone you don’t want dead and I’m much safer will my self appointed safties are intact. Mana causes radation burns like a person stuck in a mircowave. For a moment my vision went red then black and I radiated the man until there was nothing but blacked bones. Flesh burned away for even thinking of killing my teammate. Only Bull saw the exchange and that’s fine. I found my nose bleeding afterwards. I pushed myself a tad too hard but it was only a little drain. I was willing to take a much worse penalty for that attack. Soon after we met up with London at the mall….teenagers swarmed the place. Here to see Torrid and Tasty the newest sensation. I’d see an advertisement for it while watching the documentary. Damn……


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