Enter the Shadows

This Is Why I Don't Go To The Mall!

Crowded did not describe how crazy the mall was. Half of my team was stuck outside. Only London was moving around getting any work done. I stopped at the first men’s clothing store and bought a new suit for Thomas. I have never seen him wear something cheap so I found a good one. I suppose Himiko needed an outfit too. I picked something off a virtual mannequin and bought that too. While the clothing headed out to them and Bull got patched up. I found London and got an update from her. I think she went to check on Bull. She doesn’t trust bargain fast flesh surgeries. I assume Inca was working her way into the system as she tends to do. I hoped she stayed close to someone who could shoot straight for her.

I know much chaos was happening all around me but I just couldn’t focus on them. I lost track of Himiko only a moment after she made it inside. I swear she was arguing with someone about Tasty being gay over the comms. London had told me where she’d looked already since she’d done most of the heavy lifting all I had to do was check the stage area. And since Inca could ping the target for a location I went old school. I showed a photo to the groups of screaming fans. I think Thomas zipped tied someone while Inca started in on the drones doing the same job as me. We got luckily though. A punk with seven lips rings told me he’d seen the target at the front of the stage.

I have a Bull though and he’s amazing at getting the crowd to part. Sure enough at the front we found the target….and Himiko fighting with her. I’m sure that if Bull hadn’t separated them it was about to get physical. But she wouldn’t shut up. Then mall security got involved. They just don’t understand how outclassed they are. Bull and I just aren’t good at talking out way through these things so we went with power. One shock glove later we had a downed security guard and a quiet target. Then London appeared with the “I’ll save you little girl” routine. It worked and she ran off. Now Bull and I just had to get out. Easy enough. We played the “Do you really want to fight?” card and the crowd parted again.

Then the real problems started. There was a tank. An actual FREAKING TANK! Not that it presented a problem. Neither did the three boys with guns. This time they tried to kill Inca and London. Why don’t people understand you cannot kill my team. Incapacitate them, detain them, stop them from fucking up your plans. Sure. No problem. We all have to make a living but turn lethal force on them….no way in hell. For the second time that day I suffered drain but they got the message. I melted him to bone then dust in front of the mall. That was most likely caught on tape. Not good for me. I couldn’t let either of them die though…who would I talk to.

We got in the car and took this little nightmare of a girl to her father. She wasn’t as dumb as I thought. She demanded proof we were working for her father. We gave her the recording. She believed us and didn’t try to get out of the car anymore. Himiko and her stared each other down the whole time. I thought they would jump the seats to tear each other’s throats out about the sexual orientation of some star. Don’t get me wrong if the boy was straight I would take him for a ride but I wasn’t about to kill someone over it. The location of the safe house was just outside of town. A little back and forth with the hired guards and family reunited. The Johnson paid us in information. Not sure what we are going to do with it but Rushmore better pay up.


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