Edward "Bean" Karkofski

Big, gruff and lacking any social graces.



Large and intimidating, Bean is the a typical example of a Troll. but that’s about as typical as Bean gets. When at home he can normally be found in work overalls, covered in grease stains. when on a job he dresses in a nice custom suit, complete with matching black sunglasses and often with a attache case.

When off the clock he’s warm and personable. But when on a job he rarely says anything unless directly addressed.

He’s often found driving his Ford Americar around his neighborhood from time to time.


Bean has been a well known figure in his neighborhood for years. As a Troll he’s had to face his fair share of discrimination over the years but has built a reputation as someone who can get the job done. As both a mechanic and a rigger he is considered top of the line. He has specifically built up a reputation of having an almost spotless record when it comes to success when he’s asked to drive anything. if there is one reason for that its because he’s very good at what he does, the other reason is because he is very specific about what jobs he takes.

Edward "Bean" Karkofski

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