Hubert "Bull" Shannon

A lovable Troll Barista that prefers cooking more than wetworks


Hubert “Bull” Shannon was a normal, well-adjusted kid until he goblinized on his fourteenth birthday. now a lumbering Troll, his dreams of becoming a world famous chef went out the window for awhile. He ran with the Halloweeners, a gang in the Seattle sprawl for a few years before he realized the life of a gangster was not a future he wanted.

He was set straight by a cop that cared enough to ask him who he was before he was a gangbanger. It was then Bull finally called his Mother and went home.

He now works with his friends from Tea and Coffee as Head Barista, with the occasional Shadowrun helping him pay his Mom’s medical bills and his degree in Culinary Physics from Stuffer Shack.


Hubert "Bull" Shannon

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