Inca aka Mama Qucha

Decker with a few screws loose


Human Female

Total Karma: 7/7
Street Cred: 0 Notoriety: 0 Public Awareness: 0

Body: 4
Agility: 4
Reaction: 3
Strength: 3
Willpower: 5
Logic: 6
Intuition: 4
Charisma: 3
Essence: 5.6
Edge: 5
Intiative: 7+1D6

Inherent Limits
(5) Physical Limit
(7) Mental Limit Ranged attacks against you are at: +0
(6) Social Limit

Ranged attacks against you are at plus 0
Ranged Defense: (No Action): 7
Full Defense (-10 Interrupt, for the rest of the turn): plus 5
8m/16m/+2 Land Movement
Full Defense (-10 Interrupt, for the rest of the turn): plus 5 Dodge (-5 Interrupt, vs. one melee attack): +2 (5)
Club Parry (-5 Interrupt, vs. one melee attack): +3 (5) Unarmed Strike Block (-5 Interrupt, vs. one melee attack):
+3 (5)
Sensor Defense (No Action): 7 (5)

Active Skills:
(A) Clubs 3 (Agi)
(M) Computer (Log)
(M) Cybercombat 5 (Log)
(?) Cybertechnology 3 (Log)
(M) Electronic Warfare 4 (Log)
(5) Escape Artist 2 (Agi)
(7) First Aid 2 (Log)
(?) Forgery 3 (Log)
(5) Gymnastics (Agi)
(M) Hacking 6 (Log)
(M) Hardware (Log)
(5) Locksmith 1 (Agi)
(A) Pistols 4 (Agi)
(5) Running (Str)
(5) Sneaking 3 (Agi)
(M) Software (Log)
(5) Swimming (Str)

Language Skills:
N English

Damage Resistances: 
10 Armor 6
10 Acid Protection 6
10 Cold Protection 6
10 Electricity Protection 6
10 Falling Protection 6
10 Fire Protection 6

Positive Qualities
Codeslinger: hack on the fly

Connection: 2
Loyalty: 2

Rushmore (Fixer)
Connection: 2
Loyalty: 3

Attribute-Only Tests:
8 Composure
7 Judge Intentions
7 Lifting & Carrying
11 Memory

Toxin Resistances
Contact 9
Ingestion 9
Inhalation 9
Injection 9

Cocha Inca Fake SIN
Lifestyles: (1 month) Middle Lifestyle Licenses & SINs: Fake SIN (2)

Mama Qucha Fake SIN
Lifestyles: (1 month) Low Lifestyle Licenses & SINs: Fake SIN (1)

Street Girl One Fake SIN
Lifestyles: (1 month) Low Lifestyle Licenses & SINs: Fake SIN (1)

Armor Clothing: 6

Colt Agent Special 8P 8 (5) Ammo Usage: 8
Semi-Auto (1, simple action): 8
Double-Tap (2, complex action): 8
Semi-Automatic Burst (3, complex action): 8 vs. -2 Def, 8P
Recoil Compensation: 2

Club 6P 7 (4)
Unarmed Strike 3S 3 (5)

Microtrónica Azteca 200 (Cyber)
Device Rating: 2
Attribute Array: 5 4 3 2
currently assigned as:
Attack: 4, Data Processing: 4, Firewall: 2, Sleaze: 4
Matrix Initiative: 8
Matrix DR: 4 (7 vs. Black IC)
Modifications: Sim Module, Modified for Hot Sim Programs (2/2): Configurator, Toolbox

Baby Monitor


Spattered droplets of neon rain on her face. The cry of sirens down the street. Inca leaned against the shutters of the closed corner store and sobbed. Why did the last thing between her and Sarah have to be a slammed front door?
Inca had come back hours later and the apartment was oddly hushed. After fights, Sarah would run music vids and curl up in their bed. Inca would slip in beside her. They would lay wound up in each other’s warmth until one whispered sorry. But tonight there was no music.
“Hey?” Inca called. She moved into the living room. The blue glow computer screens outlined Sarah’s short razor chopped hair and slumped shoulders. Inca sighed, “look, I know I worry too much. It’ll be ok. But you have to admit the client seems kind of shifty and we’re not getting the whole story on this job. We can do it but let’s just be extra careful.”
The silence carved out a strange fear in Inca’s brain. Her skin went tight and tingly. She made herself move forward and touch Sarah’s shoulder. Static…a flash of glassy eyes…code sequences on the screen…static…can’t breathe crying…the ridge of deck implanted in Sarah’s head was hot, too hot…the code on the screen still running…static…murmured regret and the smell of Sarah’s shampoo…the clatter of rain on the windows…the codes running faster now…static…the client calling and yelling for her to get out…the last touch of her hand…static…the computer turning itself off…the weight of the getaway bag on her shoulder…the thump of booted feet on the stairs…static…turning and running the other way… men’s voices that sounded rough and dangerous…the back door to the building smacking open and cold wet night.

The rattle of cereal in the bowl and the clink of the spoon sounded too normal. Inca ate slowly. Espe shook his head, dark curls rippling. “I don’t know how else to help but you can stay here as long as you like.” Inca looked around the small studio, walls covered in Espe’s distinctive graffiti and a hand-painted mural of Arabian Nights stories. She flashed back to when she and Sarah modeled for harem girls behind Scheherazade. They were dressed up, taking swigs from a wine bottle, and giggling as Espe mock-yelled at them to stay still.
“Thanks,” Inca said as her throat thickened. “But I think I need to go far away. Too many memories. Client called and said I can keep money but never contact him again. Don’t worry; I burned before coming here so no trail.”
Espe smiled and patted her hand. “I wasn’t worried. You know your work the way I know colors and lines.”
“The way Sarah knew a circuit.” Inca felt a smile stitch across her face, an emotional bandage of sorts. “You’ve helped more than you think, Espe.”

Scattered lights below like an electric cobweb. The whisper of air conditioning on her face. Inca awoke as the airplane speaker announced their descent into Seattle. Her hometown. Somewhere safe to heal and get new work. Ads danced on the screen in front of her and, because she focused on it, started to play. “Your brain is a computer and you can upgrade! Drink Brainergize for better memory and faster problem solving!” Inca rolled her eyes and looked away so the testimonial audio would fade out.
Brain is a computer. Something tugged at Inca’s memory but it didn’t have to do with the drink ad. Codes still running on a screen. Sarah had glassy eyes but the codes had still been running and her deck had still been hot. Back when they first met, Sarah had been fascinated by the stories of people who uploaded themselves to the Matrix. But those stories were decker legends, no more real than the God in the Machine. Inca forced herself to confront the idea that Sarah would have tried it as a last resort.
“I know you’re sad.” The lady on the screen stopped her testimonial and looked directly at Inca. “And I’ll always be there for you.” Inca stared. The screen should have started shouting the ad again but it froze on the lady’s face, flickering slightly.
Inca caressed a static cheek with fingers and whispered, “Sarah?” The ad stayed frozen.
“I’ll find you.” Inca said. The old lady in the next seat gave Inca a look of crazy-person-worry. When the old lady went back to her book, Inca smiled and mouthed at the ad, “I’ll find you.”

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Inca aka Mama Qucha

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