Jared Calixto

London's Bartender Contact


Uses – Information, Additional Contacts, Backrooms for privet meetings
Places to Meet – Any bar/nightclub
Similar Contacts – Bouncer, Nightclub Owner, Stripper, Waitress

Metatype – Elf
Sex – Male
Age – Middle-aged
Preferred Payment Method – Cash (credstick)
Hobbies/Vice – Entertainment (trid show Odd Coven)
Personal Life – Non of Your Damn Business!
Type – Legwork


Bartenders serve drinks. They also serve as counselor and crying shoulder to nearly everyone who comes into their joint. They see and hear just about everything, which is why it’s so very important to make his acquaintance and make his tip jar a little heavier.

Bartenders know everyone, so they’ll be able to let you know who hasn’t been in for a while, whose kid has run away from home this time, whose wife is screwing some other guy – just about anything you might need to know. He can guide newbies to suppliers of a variety of goods and services. It’ll all cost you, of course – sometimes straight-up cred, sometimes a round for the house to keep the good will flowing.

He’s known for his discretion, however. He won’t just spill to anyone without a really good reason. Like we said, it’ll cost you but it’s usually worth it to keep him (and sometimes his other customers) happy.

Jared Calixto

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