Johnathan "Tasty" Lyons

A pretty boy Ork. For allot of fans the eye-candy of the band.


An attractive young Ork who’s vocals seem to entice and entrance many of the bands young female fans.

He is always up to date on the latest fashions, and in the last year he seems to be either in style or setting the trends when it comes to what is cool for young Ork’s (and often times humans) to be wearing when they want to be noticed.

His left arm is cybernetic but is definitely alphaware. In fact he is an admitted fan of augmentations and is often referred to when people are thinking of going with a new augmentation.

As the face of the band he is often in the limelight taking interviews and seen at parties and social events.


Tasty’s history is well know. His father is a mid level exec with a powerful corporation. His youth was spent in private school where he earned top grades and where he began to test his limits as both a heart breaker and a leader.

It wasn’t until he lost his left arm in a car accident that he began to create a name for himself within the music industry. His career blew up when he met Lacy and they formed the band. for a little while they were also a couple. but their notoriety didn’t take off until after their very public breakup.

Since then Johnathon has been seen with some of the hottest woman in the city and the country. Some of Torrid’s fans have begun to raise cries that Tasty is only parading his female companions in order to hurt his ex lover. But both singers have gone on the record that they are both happy with their current “working” relationship.

Torrid And Tasty

Johnathan "Tasty" Lyons

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