Lacy "Torrid" Mazur

Beautiful and electric, covered in tattoos


Torrid And Tasty

Attractive and bursting with energy. Lacy is seen by her fans as the driving force of the band. She covers her body with tattoos that symbolize everything from her own personal philosophy to corporate sponsors.

She is considered the edgy part of the duo. Her contribution to the bands sound more resembling dark, rage filled limericks and beats.

Through special ARO’s that are hidden within her tattoos, that when seen by any matrix enabled visual device, requests that an app be downloaded and installed. once installed those with the app running can see a wide variety of varying AR overlays that show up covering her skin and body.

At one moment she might appear to be dressed in an breathtaking evening gown with floating displays and art hovering around her. and in a blink of an eye those images flow into a terrifying spider shape with her in the middle manipulating a web that stretches out, and disappearing into the world. They say part of the fun of their show is seeing what her newest display will be.



Lacy Mazur, or Torrid as her fans refer to her, is a rebel. Her personnel life before the band reached success is clouded with dozens of theories and rumors. Everything from her being SINless kid from the Barrons who worked her way up, to her being a clone created by a corporation in order to manufacture the perfect rock star float around the matrix. And many theorize that all these stories are manufactured by Lacy herself in order to mask her past.

The only thing anyone knows for sure is that her early career as a singer struggled until she partnered with Johnathon “Tasty” Lyons. since then her star has been steadily rising with almost no limit in sight.

Torrid And Tasty

Lacy "Torrid" Mazur

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