London Sterling

Mob Doctor


Birth Name: (No SIN) Teagan Carson

False SINs:
Emerson Quin
Galilea Diego

Theme Song:


London sighed deeply as she closed her eyes. The needle fell to the ground as she felt the familiar warmth from the ‘Bliss’ wash over her. She hadn’t planned on doing this again tonight, but after finding a box of their childhood things in a closet she was cleaning out she needed to escape somehow.
It had been six months since she had left the group. She wasn’t the first to leave, though she heard through the grapevine that she wasn’t the last either.
Her brother, Ashland, and herself had been raised by their mother. Neither knew who their father was, or if he was even the same man for both of them. Their mother was more of an extra roommate then a maternal figure. She would be gone for long stents of time only to come home and remember she had two children at home.
Ashland was a prodigy. He graduated early and got a scholarship to university. London stayed home and helped take care of the life and apartment that their mother neglected. But Ashland never got a proper job with his own practice. Instead he got hired on by a local mob to be their personal physician. He made amazing money in that position, and many connections. When London was old enough he started to bring her into the fold as well. He taught her everything he knew and got her foot into the door with connections. The mob felt more like a home than anything else she had know.
She started doing runs with a group doing the same thing her brother did, be hired on as their personal physician and face to talk to the Johnson’s that brought in work. She found it very profitable, enjoying the benefits that came with it: posh lifestyle, nice clothing, good food. She couldn’t see herself living any other way.
Until one day, she got the call. It was from Lauren, one of the goons that worked in the same family as her brother did. He had been caught in the middle of a conflict and had gotten wounded. She ran to him as fast as she could. The sight she saw was far worse than anything she could imagine. Her brother lay on a table, blood spilling out of his abdomen from multiple gun shots. He gasped for air as he held on to the bit of life he still had. London had her medical equipment out as fast as she could, working feverously to save her brother. She was pulling out one of the bullets when she felt his hand on her cheek. It was cold and weak and she could feel a few drops of blood drip on her skin. She turned to look at him. The color in his face had washed away and the shine in his eyes was gone, but he forced a smile.
“I will still be with you” is all he said. His hand fell limp against the table, the last breath leaving him. London just stood above her brother, his handprint still on her cheek.
For years she lived with the realization that her brother died under her hands. The guilt drug her down. The only relief she felt is the comfort in the ‘Bliss’ she had found. She tried to limit herself, convincing herself that it was a form of medication to get over her grief. Without proper work though she couldn’t afford the lifestyle she had gotten use to. Her mother had been arrested and no sign of her getting out. London found one of her mother’s old SINs that was connected to their childhood apartment. She took it over under the familiar alias “Angela Fletcher”. She stayed there alone, picking up jobs from the same mob that her brother was part of.
She missed her old team, the companionship, the friendships… but for right now she had her ‘Bliss’ and it helped the pain go away all the same.

London Sterling

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