The angry father you never had.



Rushmore is an old cantankerous bastard. At least that’s the opinion most people have of him and that suites him just fine in you were to ask him. His face is wrinkled and cracked. and if not for the large graying beard and mustache his mouth is almost always stuck in a scowl.

when he walks there is a slight limp in his right leg that he complains about… almost all the time. its cybernetic of course but over the years he refers to it almost as though it was a fussy pet or child. Apparently it was installed years ago by a RipperDoc that did a shoddy job of connecting the nerves correctly.

Now when things go wrong or he gets stressed, you’ll hear him curse the thing for whatever slight, or unfortunate event had taken place. This can range from dropping a dish to getting jumped by a a booster gang.

He prefers to dress in biker leathers mostly, and when indoors or if the weather allows it then he like to ware vests and sleeveless jackets to show off his tattoos along his arms. Leather boots, and white t-shirts round out his wardrobe.

The only other things he carries with him is a large bowie knife, and a collapsible stool with steps that when completely set up adds 3 feet to his height when he stands on it.

Often time he will without hesitation pull out the stool and step up on to it just to be closer to eye level with someone he is talking to for the first time.


from what people can tell Rushmore isalmost pulling 70 years old. Some whisper that he was one of the last people that was affected by Goblinization in 2021. Goblinization.jpgchanging from a normal sized human to the Dwarf everyone is familiar with today. Some say that that is why he caries that stool with him everywhere. He never fully accepted that he was now not entirely human.

He joined the military during his 20’s. Even served with distinction winning some medals here and there. Allot of them have been sold off or in storage, he never talks about his time in the service.

After his military career his civilian life was spent briefly working for a major corporation.

After that he started working in the shadows.

Rumor has it that he used to be a pretty serious shadowrunner years ago. He had a rep that most runners would kill for nowadays. All the right people knew of him, and they knew he could get the job done. Up until a run went sideways, his crew got dead and he got an explosive arrow to the knee.

Since then he’s set himself up as a very well connected Fixer. However his reputation for being a bit of a dick if not a full grown pain in the ass has made it difficult for people to work with him. but at times if you do right by him then he becomes something like a overbearing and somewhat protective father figure.


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