Thomas Blanco

Gunslinging Dragon Slaying Enthusiast


Thomas Blanco
B 4, A 5, R 6, S 4, W 4, L 3, I 4, C 4, ESS 6, EDG 2, M 6
Condition Monitor (P/S): 10 / 10
Armor: Unarmored 4, Jacket 16, Body Suit 22
Limits: Physical 7, Mental 5, Social 6
Physical Initiative: 10+3D6
Astral Initiative: 8+2D6

Active Skills: Navigation 1, Survival 1, Tracking 1, Blades 3 (Spears +2), Unarmed Combat 2,
Gymnastics 3, Running 2, Swimming 2, Longarms 2, Pistols 2 (Semi-Automatics +2),
Archery 2 (Bows +2), Automatics 2 (Assault Rifles +2), Perception 4, Sneaking 3
Knowledge Skills: Seattle Street Gangs 2 (Nocturnus +2), Seattle Criminal Law 1 (Common
Loopholes +2), Local Security Corps 2, Seattle History 1 (Nocturnus +2), Sprawl Life 2
(Street Docs +2, Available Squats +2)
Languages: English & Spanish (Fluent), French 1

Qualities: Mentor Spirit (Ra), Quick Healer, Toughness, Bilingual, Bad Luck, Gremlins 2,
Distinctive Style

Adept Powers: Improved Potential [Physical] 1, Mystic Armor 4, Improved Reflexes 3
Enhanced Accuracy [Spears] 1, Light Body 2, Fast Healing 1, Spell Resistance 2,
Danger Sense 1

Honda Rapier [Handling 5/3, Speed 6, Accel 3, Body 5, Armor 6, Pilot 1, Sensor 2, Seats 1]

Helmet with SmartLink, Image Link, Vision Magnification, Vision Enhancements 1, Flare
compensation, Thermographic Vision
Transys Avalon Commlink w/ Satellite Uplink
Hermes Ikon Commlink w/ Satellite Uplink
Bug Scanner 6
Headjammer 6
Jammer 6
Laser Mic with Audio Enhancements 3
Omni-Directional Mic with Spatial Recognizer and Select Sound Filter
20 Plastic Restraints & 2 Plasteel Restraints
Gecko Tape Gloves
Gas Mask
5 Light Sticks & 5 Magnesium Torches
300 meters of Stealth rope with 2 catalyst sticks
2 Survival kits
Full Body Suit (Environmentally & Chemically Sealed)
Stealth Suit
Qi Focus [Dragon Scales on Chest] (Mystic Armor 1)
Qi Focus [Draconic Maw on Mouth] (Spell Resistance1)
Qi Focus [Dragon Muscles on Theighs] (Improved Reflexes 1)

Fake SIN 5: Dorian Santos the Bounty Hunter
High Lifestyle, Gun Licenses

Fake SIN 5: Hector Aguilar the Personal Contractor
Low Lifestyle

AK-97 [10P, 5(8) , – 2 , Sa/Bf/Fa , 3 , 38]
Fichetti Security [ 7P , 6(8) , – , Sa , 1 , 30]
Colt Government 2066 [ 7P , 6(8) , – 1 , Sa , – , 14]
Street Special [ 6P , 4 , – , Sa , – , 6]
Enfield AS – 7 [13P , 4(6) , -1 , Sa/Bf , 3 , 10]
Compound Bow [ 6P , 6 , – 1 , Ss , – , -]

Telescoping Spear [ 3, Str+3P, 5 , -2 , Weapon Focus 1]

Shadow Wolf, Nocturnus Talismonger (Connection 3, Loyalty 3)
Theriesse Fontaine, Street Doc (Connection 2, Loyalty 1)
Carlos Abascal, Local Priest (Connection 1, Loyalty 1)
Joe the Fence (Connection 1, Loyalty 1)

Physical Description:
Thomas Blanco is a hispanic male in his late twenties. He is average height maybe six feet tall with a lean muscular build. He keeps his hair cropped short with some amount of stubble covering his angular jaw. He has one suit that he cleans every week but has become a little worn over the years. Like most other shadow runners he lives off of the grid, but those who have seen him at work know that he has a very distinctive flair. He has a penchant for dragon imagery and applies his taste liberally to all of the tools of his trade including his own body. Several mystic tattoos through which he channels his magical abilities manifest themselves as parts of a dragon super-imposed over his body.


Thomas was born into Nocturnus, a group of spiritually inclined youths who have made a home for themselves in the slums of western Seattle. His mother Maria and his father Jose were founding members of the gang and Thomas grew up in a tight knit community that looked after each other very closely. When he turned fourteen he prepared for the same ritual that every member of Nocturnus prepares for, their rite of passage. He imbibed a thick black liquid that tasted like pavement and a moment later his senses were overwhelmed. By the time he found his way out of the spirit world he was followed by a mote of bright light surrounded by a golden corona who called himself Ra. Thereafter, his magical abilities grew at a much faster rate than the others who Thomas had grown up with all his life and soon he was running with some of the older groups. Something changed for him, he began to grow discontent with the impact that Nocturnus was having on its environment. Conflicted by years of loyalty to his family and a newfound but unmistakable connection with his Spirit Guardian Thomas stole away in the night to sort out his issues, vowing to one day return to his family.

Thomas has found a new home with a new family of sorts. He is rooming with a young mage by the name of Serenity Ecclestone. The two have known each other for a few years and over the time they have grown to trust each other with most things, and have opened up a business for themselves in the form of a coffee shop called “Tea & Coffee”. This is of course a front for their running operations, while also being a legitimate business that the two run.

Theme Song:

Thomas Blanco

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