Torrid And Tasty

Torrid & Tasty Is the newest pop/metal band to hit the music scene. Though the their music isn’t anything particularly new (or some would say “good”) their last album has hit huge sales numbers.

Though the Duo would attribute this to how their music speaks to their audience the truth almost everyone agrees about is that its their chaotic personal lives in the public eye as well as a crack team of social media experts and outlandish publicity stunts that have shot them to top of everyone’s A-list.

Their on again off again relationship with each other was an early draw, then when they had a nasty breakup their fans feared that their career together was over. But they stunned everyone when they released their new LP and seemingly channeled all their pain and emotions of their split into an electrifying album.

since then they each have been seen fighting one another while flaunting their relationships with who’s who of A-list celebrities.

though recent fan chatter is that the two singer songwriters might be getting back together based on how little the duo seem to be clashing on stage and in public

Example music… This is what I imagine Torrid sounding like….

As for Tasty…. this is what I imagine…

Torrid And Tasty

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