Enter the Shadows


It had been a while since Thomas was in this situation. He stood still amidst a throng of rabid consumers inside the Nikea. His hand laid limply over the handle of their hover cart as Serenity walked away, her raven hair swishing as she rounded one of the corners inside the display. A deep sigh escaped and he thought to himself, ‘You need a job. It has been six months and it turns out you didn’t save as much as you thought you had. Now you are here, spending more money when next month you could be back on the streets. Then what would she think of you?’ As he thought his hand absent-mindedly fumbled through an endcap of several stuffed animals. An AR ad broke him out of his stupor, “BUY NOW! THESE CUTE AND CUDDLY CREATURES ONCE WALKED THIS EARTH, DON’T LET THEM DIE OUT AGAIN! ADOPT ONE OF OUR FUZZY FRIENDS TODAY! THE EXTINCT COLLECTION, COLLECT THEM ALL!”

Rage seethed through him, the red and orange flashing lights of the ad only serving to goad him on and in the midst of the store he squeezed the doll so hard that its head popped off. A small child to his right gasped. The mother gathered up her child as Thomas took a step forward and shoved the headless doll in the kid’s face. “This is what the world has become kid! These huge corporations only want to destroy everything we once loved …” It was at this time that Thomas realized that he had gathered a small crowd of onlookers around him and he took a step back to his cart. Serenity flashed into his HUD, "Hey, we’ve got a job. London says to meet her somewhere in an hour. Are you ok? "

Thomas calmed down and looked at the toy still in his hand, "Better now, i’ll meet you outside. I’ll pick up the stuff and arrange for the delivery. "


cwstatic Jason_R

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